I’m Richard Tyler and I am Tyler Made Photography. I am a London based photographer that works throughout Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Essex and I specialise in documenting weddings, reportage style and portrait photography.

Part of my photography style is to offer a completely un-choreographed representation of our time together and every occasion that I attend will be treated as a unique and one-off experience. Within my photos I try to capture your personality and charisma and it is this that ensures you continue to view and share the images we create for a lifetime.

My passion for photography started over 15 years ago in which I have been creating images with various cameras from my first Pentax 35mm SLR, where I spent many many hours taking images and processing the photos in the dark room, through to the modern day where I now use a full frame Canon and various computer software. This passion for creating images and seeing peoples faces whilst looking at the images that I have captured has helped me take what was once a hobby, and steadily grow it to the to career that I thrive and excel upon today.

Using natural light for my photography is my favoured source of lighting as I am sure it is with many photographers, however it isn’t always practical and at times I do need to use various forms of additional flash and at these times it is just a case of knowing (and agreeing) when to use them and when not to use them. I am more than confident in my skills to create the right amount of ambient lighting with the equipment that I have and in turn this is giving you the images that you desire.

I have split my images into a number of different pages – Love & Marriage & Family and Portraits– this allows me to show you what I can achieve with what lighting and space that I have available and in turn by viewing these images you can begin to work out if I am the photographer for you.