So where do you begin?! I am sure you have lots of questions, some of which you might not even know you have yet, so as a starter for ten I’ve answered a few below…
Q – Will we get all the images you take of the day?
Yes you will. All pictures taken from your day will be provided on a USB and also available online for you and your guests. I also believe that one of the most exciting parts of your post wedding celebrations is choosing how you are going to remember all those special moments from your day in the years to come, whether that is through an album or via an online format. To put your mind at ease, I offer several album options in a range of finishes and sizes for you to choose from, should you want one as part of your package.
Q – How long will we have to wait to see our wedding photos?
Between 4 – 6 weeks. I give every set of wedding images my full attention in post production, and unfortunately this does take a little time. It will be worth it though.
Q – Can we order an album at a later date if we choose to have a digital only package?
Yes absolutely. I store all images for 12 months, therefore albums can be ordered within this time frame if you do decide to change your mind. I always strongly recommend considering an album, printing has advanced significantly over the years and with there being so many options available, it’s envitable you’ll find one that you’ll love.
Q – What happens if it rains on the day of the wedding?
Despite endless hours of planning, the weather is the one thing no couple can plan for, but as your wedding photographer I certainly can. I visit all venues prior to the big day, and as part of this I identify the options available for the shots you’re wanting, even if there is rain. My style of photography is mainly reportage, which means I will always be discreetly blending in and recording the day as it unfolds, as well as taking the portrait pictures you want of you and your guests. Therefore I will always be getting the photos you want. Plus, I am always checking on the weather and if ever there is a chance for outside pictures, we’ll get them!
Q – Are you fully insured?
I am indeed, I have up to date full professional indemnity and public liability insurance.
Q – What happens if you (the photographer) are ill on the day?
In the very unlikely event that I am too unwell to attend your wedding, I would do my utmost to find a like-minded, professional replacement photographer for you.
Q – We’re not getting married for a few years, should we wait until nearer the time to contact you?
If you’re planning, why not be booking? The earlier you enquire, the sooner you’ll know if I am the photographer for you and the earlier you are, the greater the chance of my availability. I only shoot one wedding a day and with professional photos being one of the biggest parts of the day, bookings are made 12 – 18 months in advance. Also, when you book, you book at the price advertised at the time of booking, knowing this cost is fixed as you start that all important planning.
Hopefully this has answered some of your immediate questions, but please do not hesitate in getting touch with any other questions that you might have!